1. NFL Campaign for Online Sports Betting Company BetUs

    NFL Campaign

  2. User Interface for analytical Platform for Scientific Research NovelGraph

    User Interface for analytical Platform

  3. Online Shop Design for Pharmaceutical Company A5

    Online Shop Design

  4. ParkPRO Promo Design for Trade Mark Stiga for Corporation GGP Sweden AB

    ParkPRO Promo Design

  5. Private Nutrition Counselor Website Design for Private Clients Personal Projects

    Private Nutrition Counselor Website Design

  6. Website Design Retina Ready for Construction Company Nectonika

    Website Design Retina Ready

  7. Web Design for Ford in Russia for Ford Auto Dealer New York Motors

    Web Design for Ford in Russia

  8. Online Poker HomePage Design for Online Betting Company Carbon Sport

    Online Poker HomePage Design

  9. Brand Development for Investment & Construction Company Novaport

    Brand Development

  10. Logo & Souvenirs Design for Private Cruising Yacht Anastasea

    Logo & Souvenirs Design

  11. Flash Website Development for Financial Group AEON

    Flash Website Development

  12. Honey Online Store Design for Agricultural Farm Pokrovskie Polya

    Honey Online Store Design

  13. Logo Design for Construction Company Nectonika

    Logo Design

  14. Presentation Design for Luxury Real Estate Development Project Dynasty

    Presentation Design

  15. Corporate Website Design for Cigar Distributor Company Neska

    Corporate Website Design

  16. Presentation Booklet Design for World-Famous Cigar Brand Macanudo

    Presentation Booklet Design

  17. Branding & Identity Design for Investment Company FX Finance

    Branding & Identity Design

  18. Web Presentation Design for Scientific Research NovelGraph

    Web Presentation Design

  19. Corporate Identity Design for Investment Company EMI

    Corporate Identity Design

  20. Brand Development for Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory KDL

    Brand Development

  21. Report Design for Scientific Research NovelGraph

    Report Design

  22. Brand Book Design for Shop Chain Ivagio

    Brand Book Design

  23. Brand Development for Book Retailer Knigomir

    Brand Development

  24. Presentation Website Design for Mobile Service Provider Pareto Communication

    Presentation Website Design

  25. Brand Development for Telecommunication & Construction Company Svyazstroy

    Brand Development

  26. Flash Internet Presentation Design for Luxury Furniture Retailer Station Design

    Flash Internet Presentation Design

  27. reBranding for  SSK


  28. Corporate Website Development V.3 for International School of Languages inlingua

    Corporate Website Development V.3

  29. Identity Design for Retail Flower Distributor Avesta-Service

    Identity Design

  30. Corporate Website Design for Consulting Company Navigator Group

    Corporate Website Design

  31. Cricket Advertisement Design for Trade Mark Cricket Swedish Match

    Cricket Advertisement Design

  32. Online Shop Design for Retail Flower Distributor Avesta-Service

    Online Shop Design

  33. Naming & Corporate Identity Design for Telecommunication Company WiRus

    Naming & Corporate Identity Design

  34. Corporate Website Design v.3 for Fashion Interiors Design Studio Object

    Corporate Website Design v.3

  35. Corporate Website Design for Electronic Payment Service Provider Delta-Telecom

    Corporate Website Design

  36. Naming and Brandbook Design for Pharmaceutical Company A5

    Naming and Brandbook Design

  37. Brand Name Development for Financial Group AEON

    Brand Name Development

Graphic Design Studio

VENGA Information Technologies Inc.

Venga Information Technologies Inc. has worked on a wide variety of projects over the years. We are capable of creating a design that is distinctively fashioned to meet the unique demands of the client. We have gain extensive experience with web design and development, corporate identity and logo design, advertisement's design and internet marketing.

Business Approach

Our reputation for success can be attributed to our design philosophy. Consider a typical website design project. Whenever an end user visits your website you want the time that he or she spends there to be as productive as possible, whether that means making a purchase or obtaining useful information about your organization. In order for this to occur, the abundance of available information has to be compressed into an effective marketing message. Consequently, since it must fit flawlessly into the overall design, every detail needs to be carefully thought out, which explains our “Thought Behind Every Image” approach.

When it comes to corporate identity and print media projects, this method is particularly important because the designer has much less room to work with. A corporate logo or a promotional poster can hold much less information than a website, and therefore even the smallest elements of a message sent through these media have to be planned out with utmost care. Such a meticulous approach to design is readily appreciated by our clients, who recognize the fact that the time and effort applied during this phase will positively affect the eventual success of the project.


Our clients come from diverse industries and are located all over the world: large construction companies, financial services providers and international manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and many other industries.

Design Philosophy - Thought Behind Every Image

To us this motto means that every little detail of the design needs to be carefully thought out — must have its own place and purpose in the overall message. The rationale behind this approach is rooted in the desire to make the design better suited for attaining its end goals.


VENGA IT employs top-echelon professionals that are not only recognized experts in their field, but are also passionate about their work. Our team is capable of consistently delivering challenging projects on time and on budget.

Logo Design and Branding Solutions

  1. Logo Design
  2. Corporate Identity Development
  3. Branding Solutions
  4. Brochure Design
  5. Flyer / Poster Design
  6. Industrial Design
  7. Package / Label Design
  8. Postcard Design
  9. Newsletter Production
  10. Book Cover Design
  11. Business Card Design
  12. Illustration Creation
  13. Report Design
  14. Presentation Constructing
  15. Banner / Print Ads Designs
  16. Navigation Creation
  17. CD / DVD Cover Design

Web Design and Development

  1. Web Design
  2. PHP Development
  3. MySQL Programming
  4. Content Management Systems
  5. Online Billing Systems
  6. Custom Software Development
  7. Shopping Cart Systems
  8. Multilingual Support Integration

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

  1. Project Audit
  2. Media Planning
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. PPC Advertising
  6. Content Writing