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Media Design

Our design studio's expertise in media design was formed by years of industry experience and attained by understanding the client's needs. As with any design project, this process begins with our designers researching the client's market, the target audience and the destination medium. Whether you need colorfull presentation, promotion slides for a new marketing campaign, or an interactive survey form, we'll ensure you get exactly the results you want.

media design
  1. NFL Campaign for Online Sports Betting Company BetUs

    NFL Campaign

  2. Presentation Design for Luxury Real Estate Development Project Dynasty

    Presentation Design

  3. Presentation Booklet Design for World-Famous Cigar Brand Macanudo

    Presentation Booklet Design

  4. Flash Internet Presentation Design for Luxury Furniture Retailer Station Design

    Flash Internet Presentation Design

  5. Cricket Advertisement Design for Trade Mark Cricket Swedish Match

    Cricket Advertisement Design

  6. Annual Report Design for Mining Corporation KazaX Minerals

    Annual Report Design

  7. Booklet Design for International School of Languages inlingua

    Booklet Design

  8. Sports News Division Development for Online Sports Betting Company BetUs

    Sports News Division Development

  9. Invitation Design for Fashion Interiors Design Studio Object

    Invitation Design

  10. Honey Jar Label Design for Agricultural Farm Pokrovskie Polya

    Honey Jar Label Design

  11. Presentation Booklet Design for Investment & Construction Company Novaport

    Presentation Booklet Design

  12. Print Advertisement Design for V&S Group Absolut

    Print Advertisement Design

  13. 3D Modeling for Pharmaceutical Company A5

    3D Modeling

  14. Corporate Souvenirs Design for Luxury Furniture Retailer Station Design

    Corporate Souvenirs Design

  15. Advertisement Poster Design for Lawn and Garden Equipment Retailer Techno Dacha

    Advertisement Poster Design

  16. Cruising Yacht Web Presentation Design for Private Cruising Yacht Anastasea

    Cruising Yacht Web Presentation Design

  17. Print Design for Office Furniture Store Chain Delta Office

    Print Design

  18. Information Booklet Design for Mobile Service Provider Mosinfocom

    Information Booklet Design

  19. Graphic Illustrations for Logistics Company Magistral Container Lines

    Graphic Illustrations

  20. Skin Care Advertisement Design for Clinic Skin and Body

    Skin Care Advertisement Design

  21. Media Design for Pharmaceutical Company A5

    Media Design

  22. Financial Report Landing Page Design for Molecular Electronics Corporation Mikron

    Financial Report Landing Page Design

  23. Leaflet Design for Human Resources and Immigration Agency  APDM

    Leaflet Design

  24. Information Leaflet Design for Real Estate Management Company Moscow Real Estate Corporation

    Information Leaflet Design

  25. Print Design for Construction Company SK Praktik

    Print Design

  26. Kitchen Presentation Design for High-End Home Appliances Producer Boffi

    Kitchen Presentation Design

  27. Print Design for Pharmaceutical Company A5

    Print Design